Utilizing a digital sherpa for your patient’s specialty medication journey


Did you know that simple text message reminders about flu vaccinations prior to an upcoming primary care visit can significantly increase vaccine rates?

Imagine what a full mobile experience can do to support chronic patients!


Join the ConnectiveRx experts as they discuss how pharmaceutical brands can help guide patients through their medication journey to a place where their chronic condition is well-managed and supported by their medical team, all from the comfort of their homes. You will learn:

  • How to build a comprehensive digital solution that incorporates access, adherence, clinical, copay, and personalized support on one mobile platform
  • Ways to not only gather and analyze statistical results, but how to leverage data into a strategic plan
  • The benefits of the medical home as a means of supporting adherence and confidence in your brand

ConnectiveRx 2021 Webinar Series
| Transforming the Patient Support Experience


Join us Sep. 15 | 1 PM ET